4th & Final Batch of our Job Guaranteed Masters Program in
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design & Analysis 

Batch starts on Oct 18th
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Skill-Lync partners with Top Industries to fill 100 job positions. Once you enroll & finish our Masters Coursework, you will be eligible to interview for these 100 positions. 

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Ashish Mendon

Rajesh Deva 

Force Motors

Creative Synergies
Lucky Agarwal

CEAT Tyres
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GKN Aerospace
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Get Trained in 6 Modules & 12 Courses

IC Engine Powertrain
Electric Powertrain
Vehicle Dynamics
Strength Calculations
Automotive Design
Automotive Flow Analysis

About this Program

The Masters in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Simulation program is the first of its kind in India. It is an 8-month long program that trains you on all the essential engineering concepts and tools that are used by top OEM(s) to design future Electric & IC  Engine Vehicles.

Program Timeline

Semester - 1 Courses:
  • Course 1: Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines using GT Power
  • Course 2: Powertrain Control Systems using MATLAB and Simulink
  • Course 3: Introduction to CFD using MATLAB and OpenFOAM
  • Course 4: Advanced Meshing for CFD analysis using ANSA
  • Course 5: External Aerodynamics using STAR CCM+
  • Course 6: Advance CFD for IC Engines using Converge CFD
  • Mini Course 1: Electric Powertrain Architecture
  • Mini Course 2: Basics of Power Electronics
  • Mini Course 3: Electric Motor Architecture

Semester - 2 Courses:

You will learn 2 Courses at first, post which you will pick a Specialization Track. 

  • Course 1: BMS MATLAB & Simulink
  • Course 2: Industrial Optimization

Then you can then choose one of the below 3 specialization tracks based on your area of interest and learn 3 of the 5 elective courses in a specific track. 

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Track
  • Course 1: Introduction to GUI based CFD simulations using ANSYS Fluent
  • Course 2: Advanced Aerodynamics using ANSYS Fluent
  • Course 3: Computational Combustion using Python & Cantera
  • Course 4: MPI programming for Finite Volume applications using C
  • Course 5: Advanced Turbomachinery & HVAC simulations using Converge CFD

2. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Track
  • Course 1: Introduction to structural analysis ANSYS Workbench
  • Course 2: Structural Mechanics / FEA using LS Dyna
  • Course 3: Crash-worthiness using Hypermesh & Radioss
  • Course 4: Pre-processing & meshing using ANSA for structural analysis
  • Course 5: UDF development & FEA programming in Matlab

3. Design Track
  • Course 1: Product Design Formula using SolidWorks
  • Course 2: Automotive Sheet Metal Design using NX CAD + Sheet Metal Design
  • Course 3: Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances
  • Course 4: Plastics Design using CATIA
  • Course 5: Mold Flow & Polyflow simulations for injection molding.

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Skills that you will learn

Program Fee:

Rs. 2,45,000

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Get Trained in 6 Modules & 12 Courses.
Learn from Industry Experts around the world.

Course Benefits

24*7 Support

25+ Projects


10+ Software

Lifetime access 

Get Placed in a Top Automotive OEM in 10 months.

How does our Job Guarantee work?

We believe that our courses make engineers employable.
After a year of developing top quality coursework, we can now guarantee that if you finish our coursework, you will get a Full-Time Job Opportunity. 

The minimum Salary per annum will be Rs. 3,00,000​​

And what if you do not get a Job?

If you finish the course with a score of 80% or above and you do not get a full-time job, then we will refund the whole course fee.

No questions asked. 

And Skill-Lync will sign an agreement stating the above.

Masters in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design & Analysis
  • Carefully designed curriculum by Industry Experts
  • Work on highly technical projects
  • Interact with experts across the world
  • Get Ready for the Electric Vehicle Industry in India
  • E-Verified Certification
  • Get Placed in a Top OEM in 10 months.
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Course Phase Benefits
  • You will be learning 12 courses spread across 6 modules such as Electric Powertrain; IC Engine Powertrain; Electric Motor Architecture; Automotive Flow Analysis; Automotive Structural Analysis; Design & Automation.
  • In these 6 modules, you will get application-based knowledge on 12 software such as MATLAB, SIMULINK, OpenFOAM, GT-Suite, ANSA, ANSYS, Star CCM+, LS DYNA, HyperMesh, Python, Converge, SolidWorks
  • You will have 1-on-1 support for the whole 8 months time
  • By the time you finish the course, we will help you build a strong portfolio like this - Amit Mohanty
Customer Success Phase Benefits
  • Our Career Success team will help you refine your resume like this - Abdur Rafay
  • Our Career Success team will keep you updated to any job that is posted in India by subscribing you to our monthly job report, like this - Job report for September
  • If you are someone who wants to apply for MS in US, Europe or Canada and you have built the profile, then you will get access to our Ultimate Masters Guide
  • Once you move past the 50% mark in the course, you will get weekly industry-based tool tests to prep you for technical interview
  • You will have a technical mock interview
  • We will give you interview FAQ's that will help you crack your technical round.

Additional Benefits

Get monthly Job Reports & Guides for doing Masters in US & Europe


Pre-Book your Seat for our Masters in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Coursework.

Pre-Book with just Rs.45,000 & pay the remaining Rs.2,00,000 in 5 easy installments.


Program Features


24/7 Live Support

By enrolling in our course, you are entitled to 24/7 Live Support - Via WhatsApp, Community Forum, Support Sessions. You can clear your doubts through these channels.


Expert Instructors 

All our courses are taught only by Industry Experts who have worked in the relevant field for a number of years. We take pride in ourselves on bringing the Best Instructors for our Courses


Verified Certifications

Upon finishing the coursework, we issue E-Verified Certifications attesting your Participation & Completion of the Coursework


Industry-Oriented Courses

We teach only industry-relevant skillsets through our courses. We prepare you to be Job Ready

What our students are saying about us?

The part of Skill-Lync is the quality of Coursework and response time from their support team. The staff are really good and helpful.

Arun Gupta

Placed in DHO Research & Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


I thank Skill-Lync especially Sarang sir. He had conducted a lot of mock interviews that helped me to ace up the interview with ease. I really liked the Course quality & help from the support team.


Placed in GKN Aerospace Ltd.

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