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Computational Fluid Dynamics


Enroll in our Flagship Coursework & Learn CFD from the basics. Work on 4 projects. Learn Numerical Analysis and create your own CFD Solver

Advanced CFD For IC Engine Simulations

Learn in-depth about Spray modeling, Turbulence modeling, Combustion modeling & Emissions modeling. Work on Real-life projects. 

Advanced Aerodynamic Simulations

Learn how to extract Aerodynamics parameters by working on projects such as Flow over a Formula-1 car, wind tunnel testing of a GCM Truck, and much more. Work on Real-life projects.

Advanced CFD using ANSYS Fluent

Learn CFD from basics. Simulate Laminar & Turbulent Flows. Perform Steady-State Simulations. Explore Meshing Strategies. And work on more than 25 simulations. Learn from a CFD Expert. Get Certified by ANSYS

External Aerodynamics using STARCCM+

Work on 2 Industry Grade CFD Projects - Perform External Flow Analysis on DrivAer Model, Perform External Flow Analysis on Boeing 737. Understand the fundamentals of CFD & STAR CCM+. 

Advanced CFD Meshing using ANSA

Get Introduced to ANSA. Work with surface meshing & BATCH Mesh. Get a detailed understanding of Meshing Strategies.  Enroll Today & work on projects such as Turbocharger Assembly, Disc Brake Meshing, Car Interior Meshing.

Independence Day Freedom Offer
60,000  35,000 Rs.

Advanced Computer Aided Design

Automotive Sheet Metal Design (BIW)

Design the inner panel for your cars HOOD, FENDER, ROOF, TAILGATE, SIDE DOOR & SIDE BODY PANEL. in NX CAD or CATIA. Learn from an Expert Design Engineer.

Product Ideation & Design using SolidWorks

Learn Solid Modeling in SolidWorks and build a Harley Davidson. Understand Surface modeling by designing the surface of a Yacht. 

Advanced Sheet Metal Design

Become an expert in Sheet Metal Design. Learn how to design Tabs, Flanges, Counter, Hem & Lofted Flanges, Corner, Closed Corner, 3 Bend Corner, Bends, Punches & Form Operations from an Industrial expert.

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances

Learn Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances with ASME Y14.5M-2009. The one skill-set that will definitely fetch you the next job.  Learn GD&T from the fundamentals.

Independence Day Freedom Offer
60,000  35,000 Rs.

Structural Analysis (FEA) & Strength Calculations

Advanced Structural Analysis using ANSYS Workbench

Learn Structural Analysis using ANSYS Workbench. Work on ANSYS SpaceClaim, ANSYS Mesher & ANSYS Solver. Work on more than 10 simulations & projects

Structural Analysis using STAAD Pro

This course is for Civil Engineers who are interested in becoming a Structural Analysis Engineer. Work on Geometric Modelling, Concrete Structure Design, Steel Structure Modeling & Dynamic Analysis

Crash Worthiness Analysis using HyperMesh & Radioss

With Bharath New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program implemented from Oct 2017, industries are looking for Crash Worthiness Analysts. Get Skilled in Crash Worthiness Analysis.

LS-DYNA for Structural Mechanics & FEA

Learn the most advanced general-purpose multi-physics simulation software package, LS-DYNA. Use LS-DYNA to solve Non-Linear Explicit Transient Dynamics Equations, Linear & Non-Linear Problems, Explicit & Implicit Dynamics and more complex problems.

Independence Day Freedom Offer
60,000  35,000 Rs.

Kinematics of Machinery & Motion Dynamics

Suspension Design using MSC Adams

Understand the Theoretical Concepts behind Suspension Design. Learn Suspension Kinematics, Ride Geometry, Steering Kinematics, Suspension Compliance. Work on Compliance Testing.

MultiBody Dynamics for Automotive Applications

Multi-Body Dynamics is an advanced set of tools for designing and optimizing multibody structural mechanics systems using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). 

Independence Day Freedom Offer
60,000  35,000 Rs.

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What our students are saying about us?

Skill-Lync is the perfect choice to develop your CFD skills in your own time, anywhere you are. The courses are so project-oriented, and for me, that was the perfect complement to all my theoretical background. This young team is always improvement-oriented and they will help you in any way they can!

Jorge Martinez

Introduction to CFD using MATLAB & OpenFOAM

If you are looking for a place to hone your skill in advanced topics focused on Mechanical Engineering, then Skill-Lync is the place. It's been a wonderful experience for me, studying here. I have completed almost 3 courses. However, to enjoy the courses you have to be fully committed to the course, weekly challenges and projects to gain the best out of it

Gurunathan Sundaram

CFD Master Program

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